Episode 149 “Gravity…How does it work?”

This week is all about 7.2 and great lore!

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Comments 1

  1. Hey Belle and Crew, Thought I would comment on the Legendary Targeting. From what I was reading it appears that the Targeting will be RNG also as in you purchase the (Insert Slot Item Here) and then you open it and similar to the Emissary Cache you will get some piece of gear for that slot, which IF it procs as a Legendary item it will be of that slot. Thus its not just buy item get Legendary its more OK so i got screwed and as DPS got not DPS related Legendaries and feel underpowered compared to others with better RNG luck. Due to this you could farm currency and buy the item slot you want and have a chance to get the Legendary that would benefit you the most. Now as I say this I agree that Legendaries in this xpac feel not so Legendary I would argue the last few Back and Ring didnt either since EVERYONE had one albeit from a really long questline. As someone who farmed both Warglaives in BC after BT was outdated but still during current xpac it felt amazing to be one of the few. I also did the really long Cata Rogue Daggers with my guild help and again was not the first but still one the few that had them at the time and still the % is rather low due to most ppl not playing during Cata. I have farmed Thunderfury for years now only have 1 half of the Bindings and I like that as it is so rare to have it shows either some good RNG luck or some serious commitment to farming. Either way the Legendaries now do feel Diablo-esqe in that they are all over but they do some “Legendary” things for the on equip bonuses which is why I think they are called Legendary. I dont like it but kind of get it. Thought I would give you some thoughts and also what I read based on the (Welfare Slot Specific Legendaries). Love the show! Also EASE UP ON JIMMA! Canadians tend to be a little slow at times. I mean they named their country based on their odd dialect Lets Start with a C Eh! Yah then how aboat an N Eh! Yah dats good and lets end it with a D Eh! thus we get CehNehDeh or in english CANADA! (side note Most of my guild are Canadians and I don’t intend this to be mean in any way just a joke) But really Jimma Trys!

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